September 12, 2010

No More Paper Towels please....

Money is tight. For most people. Plus have you ever noticed how much garbage you create?
Let's all save some money now and give our garbage cans a break as well.
After all. These days I feel like I am just wearing mine out.
I have been thinking of ways that I can reduce my spending and my waste.
So the first item I started with... the paper towel. AKA. The lazy man towel.
It is so easy to just use it and throw it away. Ick! Wash clothes are gross after even sitting for a hour in my opinion.
Well...getting over the wash cloth phobia is the first step in being successful in my adventure.
So I just went to Walmart and bought a ton of wash cloths. And I love my Simply Green Concentrate. I just make a bottle full of spray and use it on everything! Then the wash cloths go right in the washer. At the end of the day I do a quick load and it's done! (Don't you wish you had a super small washing machine like me now huh!)
Oh, and don't grumble about all of the detergent used. I have a great idea to solve this problem....I just need to find a big bucket, a friend to share it with, and some borax? Where the heck to you find borax?? That's another post...
But what about the mirrors??
Buy a sunday newspaper. Clip out all of the coupons (save save save right?). Read a couple of articles. SAVE THE PAPER! Use it. They work better anyway. No streaks!
Anyone else have any good ideas???
Happy wash clothing!!!


Caity said...

Lydia was "reading" your blog with me and started to jam out as soon as the music started. It was so dang funny!

So, I think it's great that you're trying to reduce your waste. I used to be a recycle nazi, but our new town doesn't have a easy way to recycle! It kills me to throw away all the stuff I do. Sounds like you're doing great!

Trish Griffee said...

I'm with you on this one. I stopped buying paper towels months ago. That is until I got super sick with baby #4. But as soon as I pop this kid out it's back to the dish towels.

I have learned it's best to bleach all hand towels you use around your kitchen though:)