September 4, 2010

Snack Time

First of all I just want to thank my brother for getting me hooked on this band. These zany guys have come up with some super fun songs that I just can never get sick of. I have no clue how many times I have listened to the chimp song. It is so much fun! Since I have started having kids I have gotten way behind in my music listening. Let's be honest. I am still stuck back in 2006 as far as my CD collection goes. Thank goodness for or I would just be a super sad person. :) But back to the Barenaked Ladies (Funny story. The first time I got on the internet I wanted to look up something fun. So I wanted to look up these guys on the internet.. Typing in "Barenaked ladies" was probably not the best thing to plug into the search bar at that time, or anytime for that matter I suppose!...). They have just given me yet another reason to like them. I heard my nieces singing crazy songs. And sure enough after some investigation I discovered that the Barenaked Ladies made a Kids cd! And they are heeeeeeelarious!!! SO. I haven't bought a cd in a long time... but this one is pretty cheap and I have this feeling my kids are going to love it. After all. 6 is scared of 7. Why? Because 7 8 9. :) Happy listening!

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