October 22, 2010

Homemade Dishwashing Detergent

Fact - You can make homemade dishwashing Detergent
Fact - It's most likely going to leave a film on your dishes.
Darn. I have to tell you I was pretty disappointed with this venture.
So what I did was this:

Mix equal parts Washing soda and Borax. I found a recipe that said that if I just added 5-10 packets of lemonade flavor kool-aid to the mixture, that would solve some of the film problems.
Along with using vinegar in the rinse dispenser my dishes were supposed to come out sparkling clean.


So. Take my advice. Don't try to make your own homemade dishwashing detergent. It's a waste.

You can however do this :
Go to the dollar store and buy the detergent there. And in order to make it last longer pull out the borax and washing soda. The mixture should contain :

50% Store-bought detergent
25% Borax
25% Washing soda (you may add a bit more washing soda if your water is pretty hard)

You can make the detergent last longer and work just as well as any expensive brand.

Combine it with some vinegar in the rinse dispenser and you dishes suupposivily should sparkly clean!

So next week is update week. (I'm going to give you some updates on the different projects I have been working on.) I'll let you know how it went.

Plus I will share some fun tips. If you have any tips

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Happy cleaning!

1 comment:

sheena said...

if you want to know of an AMAZING dishwasher detergent... i have the best one EVER!

i've seriously tried EVERY SINGLE ONE on the market. they all left films and spots and i hated having to wipe them all down after i had just washed them.

all i have to say is i'm never buying anything else again! and it lasts forever! because you only have to use an ounce! WHAT?! that's right... an ounce! mine has lasted me for months!

love your posts. they make me laugh. you say it like it is and that's what i like about you.