November 4, 2010

Crazy Thought

Here's a crazy thought:
How many of you are pretty set in your ways?
I like change in my environment. Especially re-aranging rooms. It is tons of fun trying to put furnature in a crazy yet very fungshwayable order.
So my husband likes to wrestle.
I'm not talking about "wrestling" in this case, but good old fashon take it to the mats wrestling.
Once he gets me pinned (and he always does) he tickles the heck out of me.
His favorite time to pick fights is right as I am getting ready to get in bed.
The other night he picked a fight by stealing all of the blankets.
The only chance I had of sleep any time soon was going to be by beating him for the blanket.
I was not strong enough. And I was too tired. So I just laid down on his side of the bed, turned off the light, and pretended to go to sleep. Blanketless.
It did not work because then he opened the window.
It was pretty cold outside. That was dirty.
After a few minutes I gave in and kindly asked for a blanket. He handed it over, we switched pillows, and fell asleep. Best nights sleep in a long time.
So thanks for sticking with me this far because here is the crazy thought:
I dare you to sleep on the opposite side of the bed. Heck, don't tell your husband and do it before he comes in and tease him a bit. Heaven knows we get our fair share of teasing.
Happy Switcharoo!

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