November 18, 2010

Oh the horror. Body scanners.

If you want to live in a place with freedom you naturally will have to give up some of your security

If you want to be more secure prepare to give up some of your

So which is it?? Which do you choose??

I choose freedom. But that is easy for me to say because I have never lost someone to a terrorist.
Maybe my opinion would be different if I had.
Do you see your freedom slowly slipping away?
I see it. I see it big time and it frustrates me.
Anybody heard about the body scanners at the airport???
If you haven't I will catch you up.

If you want to fly you have two options now :

1 - Go through a scanner. It produces an image that is inappropriate to be shown on TV.
UG. Me naked. I don't like that. Even if it is black and white. But you know what I hate even more??
Option 2
2 - Get patted down. I don't mean like a quick little frisk. I mean like every part of your body touched with an open palm. Ug.

So I don't know about you but the thought of flying makes me want to throw up.

And it's not because of the reasons above.
I have little kids. And I have been trying to teach my son that if anyone touches him on his Pee Pee he should tell them to stop and start screaming for help.
I can just picture that scene in the airport.

And you won't catch me putting them in the scanner. Because as much as I'm Tolerant of someone seeing me naked. I'm not okay with it being done to my kid. Because we all know that as parents we have to protect our kids.

Other countries are being successful without using these scanners. Like dogs. That would be so easy to have trained dogs. I would rather have a dog well. You know give me a sniff anywhere he wanted to than have someone grab my boob.

Profiling is an option. Some may say that is wrong but I tell you this. Glen Beck was questioned for hours (I can't remember what country) before he could get on the plane because security came across somethings that made them just a bit suspicious.
After all was said and done they escorted him to his seat. And on the flight they served him dinner. Which included a knife for his meat. And you know what. Everything was A okay.

Go here if you want to learn more about something interesting.

There are options. So no. I don't have to sacrifice MAJOR freedoms for my SECURITY.
I just need a government that will get their noses out of every aspect of my life and let the professionals do their job. You know. The professionals who have a little bit of common sense.

I just wonder what the perk was for the person that put these scanners into full effect. There has to be a perk because common sense says go with the dog.

Oh and I feel bad for the worker who has to look at all the naked people or pat everyone down. I'm sure it's not what they signed up for.

Happy Flying ! :)


Kelly said...

I see where you're coming from. As a parent I totally get it. I also know a couple of other things:

1) If you don't want to deal with security, drive. No one forces anyone to fly. As much as the Canadians are weird, they won't pat you down trying to drive into their country. Neither will the Californians, who are just as weird.

I can tell you've never ridden on a packed subway. I can guarantee you'd be touched in more inappropriate ways on a packed subway/train then by a TSA looking for weapons.

2) I'd rather have a black/white picture of me shown for 5 seconds to someone who will never see me again if that deters someone from blowing themself up on a plane and killing hundreds/thousands of people.

Don't get me wrong, scanners and pat-downs aren't the end-all be-all, BUT if it prevents one terrorist act, then my personal privacy and the privacy of my kids is definitely worth it. You're not sacrificing FREEDOM for SECURITY, you're sacrificing some PRIVACY for CONVENIENCE (flying vs. driving).

Rant off. :)

Kari Ann said...

My brother. We will just have to agree to disagree.

Trish Griffee said...

I would rather strip my kids down to the diaper than allow someone to touch them. I'm not so sure how I feel about the scanners yet though.

Analisa said...

I am having issues with the full body scan. I feel it conflicts with my faith and lifestyle to appear almost nude to anyone. I lived in DC during 911 just a short walkaway from the White House. I learned quickly that fear takes away your freedom it doesn't gaurantee it. Fear is what dictators use to take freedom away. We always have a reason and rationale for it. I think it should be optional. Maybe they should list the flights with different levels of security. Which would mean everyone boarding that particular flight had to go through a strick security check. The other flights wouldn't include the body scan. Give me a choice. Isn't that what freedome is?