December 3, 2011

French Toast Trick

So here's something funny.
I have a tradition that no matter what time of the day it is,
if I am at a pancake house I must have french toast.
I wouldn't even say its a tradition as much as it is a rule for me!
Thank goodness the Village in has the VIB breakfast that I get for my kids and I can snitch a piece because the southwest potato pancakes are soooooo yummy and I can never decide!

Anyway. Despite my love for french toast at a restaurant I don't like them so much at home.
But my husband loves them so we do it anyway.

Did you know that the fresher your bread is the soggier your french toast is.
It's a fact.
And I like my bread to be fresh so I've had put up with some pretty soggy french toast in my day.

But I have a solution(i doubt it's the first time someone has thought of this, but it's original to me!): Stick the bread in the oven until it is really nice and dry.
Cook the heck out of it!
Dry that sucker out!
And then stick it in the egg mixture.
That was some yummy french toast.
Win. Win. Win. :)

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