December 11, 2009


I need some advice. My kid has always had eating problems. I try to fix things that he likes but he just doesn't eat. I conceded to the fact that maybe he just wasn't hungry and he would eat when he was. Now he just won't eat dinner and then wines for food the rest of the night. He is two and a half. I give him one healthy snack but by nine he is still not asleep and is asking for food. What to do?????? I don't want to give in because then he will just think he can skip the dinner and eat what ever he wants. I think he is pretty smart and should understand. HELP!!!


Camille said...

Lol, no wonder he's so skinny! I grew up in a big family with not a lot of money and none of us are picky eaters. My mom made 1 thing for dinner, we could eat it or do without. She had a shelf with "available snacks" that we could eat instead, or anytime during the day we got hungry. They included makings for peanut butter and jam sandwiches, popcorn kernals, and some type of fruit like grapes or apples. She never fought with us and we just ate, maybe he can sense your frustration and is having a control battle. I hope you find something that works, I'm not super experienced cause my little guy still nurses, but you'll figure it out!

Johnsons said...

With my two year old, she has to take at least 2 bites of dinner before she can get down and play. I know it might sound mean to make her sit there, but after about a week, she learned that is how it works. I try not to give them snacks after dinner if they don't eat, and sometimes (i know this is probably not what I should do) we tell them that if they eat, they can have a popsicle or some other little treat that they usually don't get. My little girl is still pretty picky, but sometimes she will taste something, decide she likes it, and eat really good.