December 3, 2009

Open to anyone

Okay. So pretty much I'm a full time mom and I take my job pretty seriously. I was thinking "man it would be fun to create a place where moms could give advice, ask questions, or even vent." Some things I thought would be fun to talk about are :

1- Excercise and kids. Fun activities to get kids moving.
2- Learning acivities - how Do you teach your kids
3- How to deal with unmanageable kids
4- Fun ways to get your kids to eat healthy
5-Cleaning tips
6- coupons and saving money

So really the sky is the limit. I feel like I have so much yet to learn and would love other's input. So if you want to participate and be an author that would be awesome. Just drop me a comment with your e-mail !!! Thanx for stopping by!

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