August 8, 2010

I thought I was pretty cool

I used to think I was cool.... the other day I realized that I am a little bit of a nerd. I am not sure how that happened. For instance. Tonight I spent oh...about an hour on Wikapidia..... looking up the history of Legend of Zelda. (a video game.) I really wish I was playing my new Zelda Game right now... (but it's Joe's turn for the TV). I really do picture myself playing video games until the day I die. So the main reason why this came up in my thought process was this event in my life :

One of Joe's friends in his program had borrowed our camera. When he brought it back he and Joe talked for a bit. (As I sat and played my game) He started asking me questions and I am not sure how it happened but he said something along the lines of "I always wondered what kind of a girl would marry Joe, I have decided I need to marry a silly girl too" TOO he said TOO so I guess I am a silly person. I'm not sure how he came to that conclusion in the 3 minutes that I interacted with him. I suppose it was the video games. I suppose that you could ask anyone close to me and they would say I am silly too. Oh well.... I suppose a life of silliness is better than a life of sadness! And this is by far my silliest post..

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Caity said...

You have to remember that he must have thought you WERE pretty cool because he said he wanted to marry someone just like you. Take it as a compliment. Of course this is coming from someone who people used to call "Crazy Caity" :)