August 24, 2010

What Luck.

Today was a nice day. A little cleaning...a little TV. Playing with the kids. I decided to give Joe a break and take them shopping. So we had some fun. Went to Roberts and K-mart and then got ready to go home. I put Abbigale in the car, threw my keys over the seat, and got ready to put Luke in. But the door was locked on his side. Now that was just not making any sense. So I tried the driver door. Locked. And the passenger side door. LOCKED!! At that moment there was this sense of crazieness. There was no way my kid was locked in the car. NO WAY!! But it was true. But I spotted a police officer. And started running like crazy after him. But he was not paying attention to me. Or where he was driving. He was staring at his lap top doing who knows what. I couldn't catch up to him and he couldn't see my crazy waving arms. So I ran into sportsman warehouse. (After I did it I didn't know why. What could they do right?) After acting like a crazy person and stumbling across someone who I barely knew i decided to call the police. This "Matt" (the person I barely knew) followed me out. By that time I decided to just call 911. And they sent a police car over. And an ambulance. And a fire truck. It seemed so crazy. I mean she had only been in the car for like 10 minutes. But still. Nice to know they were covering all the bases. The police officer with a kit to break into the car was about 5 minutes out. LUCKY MATT WAS THERE because I forgot about Luke. I looked over and he had him in is arms. Luke wasn't freaking out at all. He was just smiling with all of the fun. Then the sportsman warehouse manager came out with a locksmith who just happened to be working on some things there. (I was so glad I ran in there all crazy and what not.) He was into the car in less that 30 seconds. And then was gone. What luck. And how nice of him. Abbigale was only in there for about 15-20 minutes and was a bit flushed and pretty sweaty. But her temperature was completely normal. I think mostly I was the one who was traumatized. I was crying. And totally emotional. But she was fine. I was so thankful.



Kelly said...

What a day, sis! Glad you're all safe! Marshalls love to learn the hard way!

Trish Griffee said...

Oh my...that is what I do all the time. Well not anymore! I'm glad you are all doing well.

Chy said... are so funny! This EXACT same thing happened to my friend who lived in AZ and it was like 104 degrees....scary crap! My piont is she was bawling and freaking out after about and hour and a half when she was home and all the wee ones were out of her car she remembered the hide-a-key stuck under the car.....whaaaahhhaaa. Don't feel bad it happens to all of us;)