September 23, 2010

Space Adventure

I don't have a pantry. It makes me sad....:(. But alas. Someday I won't live in an apartment anymore. But just because I have a lack of space it doesn't mean that I should sit at home and cry.

So part two of my story. Every week we get this "Savy Shopper" newspaper in the mail. I used to curse it. What a waste of paper! But now.... I can't wait for it to come! There are a ton of coupons and I discovered a section in which they give you tips on shopping and organizing or what ever. I can't really say because I have only read it once. But I am super excited to see what is in there next week.

It had this great idea for clearing out your pantry. A hanging shoe organizer! You just hang it on the back of a door and instant food organizer. I have been thinking about what I could organize in that thing. FUN
1. Snacks
2. Seasoning
3. Gravy mix (this is what I am most excited about.)
4. Mixes

Okay. I could go on and on. But I won't. I will tell you one thing. I am on a hunt for a good deal on one now. 3 month food storage here I come!


Caity said...

I like that idea! You clever thing you!

Camille said...

I use a hanging closet organizer for my fabric storage, love it! I don't have a pantry either, we use our coat closet. Someday I will get one of those huge walk-in pantries:)