September 23, 2010

No More Cell Phones

Earlier this summer back when I was preparing for my relay race and running everyday I had a lot of time to think. It surprises me that I don't run more often because everything becomes so incredibly clear. Simple. Easy. But alas. It is just not a habit I can keep up. But that is a completely different story for another day.

On one of my runs I was thinking about addictions. I am addicted to many things. It is the natural man in me. I think it is a normal thing. But I had realized that as I recognized them and then got rid of them I just felt so... good. Don't you think it feels so good to feel free???

So I was also trying to think of ways to eliminate bills. And then it hit me! How good would it feel to be free of my cell phone! I mean really. It is okay for someone to not be able to get ahold of me right away right?

But how to get rid of it.... land lines are expensive too.

Then Joe was talking to his brother about it. And Randy introduced him to the MAJIC JACK!! You just stick it into your USB port on your computer.
Hook in your phone.
And you can call long distance anywhere. Insta land line.

Now the price. The price made me sceptical. 20 bucks for the jack.

But they will send you one for free so that you can try it out.

And we love it.

And when my contract comes up due....SA SA SEE YA!!
Freedom. It's lovely.

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Kade and Teann said...

How is that phone treating you? That price is incredible!! But you have to have internet, right? We use the neighbor's internet, and it's not so reliable. So I'd be skeptical, but to get rid of the cell phone payment each month, that'd be awesome!!