September 24, 2010

Homemade Butter and Butter Milk

Today I limited my cleaning...
...Because I had more fun things to do
And you will never guess where???
(in the painting section. We didn't even ask for help! Crazy!)

So here's a play by play. I had alot of fun.

Here is what your need. Cheese cloth, bowl (course I switched to a bigger one in the middle of mixing. So make it big!), heavy whipping cream, and a mixer. And silly me a strainer. I forgot it in the picture!

Pour that whipping cream in and start whipping it to death!

It's getting thicker...:)

It really seems like it is just going to stay whipped cream forever! By this time my little mixer is saying "okay! I've done my job! I'm going to over heat now. Please stop! STOP NOW!" I was beating it on high. And it takes at least 10 minutes.

Then BAM!! It separates. Oh man. When this happens.. Its a beautiful thing. Keep going just a bit longer until you can really see a separation between the butter and the DUN DUN DUN! Butter milk! It's a two fer!

Dump it into the strainer.... or salad spinner thingy in my case!

Make it into little balls, place in the cheese cloth, and SQUEEEZZZ the buttermilk out. KEEP THE BUTTERMILK!!

Place the butter balls back in the bowl and put a cup of cold water in. MIX IT AGAIN! (And if you are smart in a big bowl. In the sink. I got flipped with alot of water.)

Repeat the same process of straining. Just keep using the same cheese cloth! Now if you want to add salt... go for it. If not then it's time to store the butter. Now if you want it to stay fresh. Word on the street is to press the butter into a container (walnut sized pieces at a time to keep the air out) and then put a layer of water over the top. And there you go. If you need some just poor the water out, get some scoops, and put more water on top! COOLIEO! There are other ways to do it if you don't have a beaters. But I was not interested in the time it would take. And if anyone has made butter and has some great tips they are totally welcome to share. Oh. And the buttermilk. This is why I buy buttermilk. I could eat these all. day. long. Yum.
Happy churning!

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