October 7, 2010

Its a work out!

How many of you like to exercise?
What? What's that you say? Exercising stinks?
What a bad attitude!!! No just kidding but really that's what like 75% of us are all thinking.
But believe it or not exercising is for everyone! I am certain that there an activity for everyone that will keep them motivated and going.

Running: Yeah it's just not for everyone. And just because you haven't don't a 5k a 10k or heck. Even a MARATHON. It doesn't mean that you aren't cool.
I know alot of cool people who haven't done these things.
I mean come on. Boobs. Hips?? Yeah right. Women just weren't built appropriately for running. So when one turns over a new leaf and wants to be healthy.... it's defiantly not the only option. But if you love to run.. ignore me. Put on your Ipod and hit the pavement man!

Swimming: Oh my. Who doesn't love getting dressed up in a swim suit!!
No really though. Some people are just fish! I wish I was one. However, I don't have access to a pool. So it's not an option. Sad. But the pool is a great place to get some exercise wether it be just playing with your kids, doing the lap thing, or heck you can even run in the water.

Dancing: This one is my favorite! I love to just turn on some music while doing the dishes or sweeping the floor... hello cardio! Plus your kids will think you are great because of how goofy you look. And while you are at it. Pick up your kid and dance around. I swear if you do that for a couple of songs there will be sweat dripping down your face.

and the real reason for the post:

Excercise TV!
Do you like workout videos? Yeah. Me nether :)
This is why I don't:
1-often times they are too long
2- They cost money
3- It's a video. They say the same things every time. BORING

I do however love aerobics. And this place has a bunch of them. I mean a bunch. You could become a member and have access to ALL their videos. But if you just want a good free workout go here.

I group them into 4 categories

5 min or less work-out: Learn just a few moves that you can do while you watch tv. Easy!
10 Min work-out: These are great for people who really don't want to exercise. Ten minutes goes by quick! You will be sore the next day. I promise.
20 min Work-out: I think that a 20 minute cardio work-out is great for a mom. Its all about quality of workout. Not quantity. Try kick boxing for example. You will sweat. You will have fun.
30+ min: If you have plenty of time and a bit more in shape these ones are for you! I wouldn't start with these ones. You may make it through, but I promise. You won 't work out again for awhile because you will dread it.

I'm not an expert by any means. Just a couple of tips

-if you see the trainers use weights, just substitute cans
-Start off little if you haven't been exercising for awhile. If you over work yourself, it's easy to get discouraged and quit.
-feel good about yourself. You are a tiger! ROAAAAARRRR

P.S. the work-outs are only on the computer. So this won't work if you don't have a large space next to your computer. Sorry.


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Camille said...

I love wii fit, if I actually turn it on. Also, taking my little man to the zoo for an hour ends up being quite the work out, lol.