October 9, 2010

Target $5 Gift Card

Awe. Isn't he cute??
Their prices aren't too bad. Especially if you shop smart! For instance:
Now I am certain that all you crazy coupon people could make this work even better to your advantage.

Everyone in my family loves applesauce and juice. I love to stock up on food storage.
So the deal was buy 5 packages of apple juice or applesauce and get a $5 gift card
So I bought a combination of 10 apple juices and applesauce.
1.67 x 10= 16.70+ (about a dollar in tax) = 17.70
Yesss! But then you subtract $10.00. So they were only $7.70. Imagine if I had some sort of coupon. It would have been one of those amazing "they paid me to buy this stuff" stories.
They do this all the time. And if it is on things that you would normally buy then I say go for it right! And they just give you the gift card. You don't have to send in a rebate.
You don't have to clip a coupon.
That is my kind of savings.
Happy Saving People!

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