October 2, 2010

Oh no.

I was looking up fun uses for Vaseline. Random. I know. Then I came across this

Three warnings about petroleum jelly:
Do not use it on burns (including sunburns) as it will trap the heat on your skin making the damage worse. Do not use it for nasal congestion or dryness because when inhaled can go into your lungs and cause lipoid pneumonia. Also, do not use on any latex product because it can weaken and damage it.

Lovely. The reason I looked it up was because my nose was dry and I put some Vaseline up my nose to cure it. The vasaline is in my nose right now. That is irony people. Suppose I better go and blow my nose before I go and get cancer...

1 comment:

Camille said...

Isn't that what it's for? Nasal congestion? Eek!