October 2, 2010

What to do...What to do...

There is no viable information in this post.
Just strictly opinion.
So if you don't care to read a long post about my feelings...
Take a hike!

For the rest of you..
I have been reading these books. They are called "The Great and Terrible" series. And they are sooooo good. I started reading them right before my daughter was born, but then alot of life changes came my way so. Yeah. I never finished them.
But I started reading again and they have completely changed my way of thinking.
Also, I have discovered many questions that I have really had to ponder on to come up with a good solid answer. This next part will be totally random if you haven't read them.
Just go with it. I'll make my point. I promise.

I am swimming in a sea of Republicans. (No complaint. I'm pretty conservative. I fit right in.)
Most Republicans don't have many nice things to say about the president right now.
At first I was right there with everyone! Yell, scream, get mad! The biggest of all.
BLAME! It's all his fault that the country is going to pot.
But in these books, and in many forms of media, the president is always the good guy. Well. Mostly a really smart and loved guy.
That is the case in this book.
I never get the warm and fuzzies when I think about our current government.
But then I wondered. What do all of the current religious leaders think of him? (I'm a Later Day Saint so I had our Prophet Thomas S. Monson in mind.)
I could not picture Pres. Monson at home telling his wife how much he hates President Obama.
I could however picture him on his knees and praying dearly for his country.
I could even see him praying for the president himself.
Praying that president's heart can be in the right place.
That he can lead the country with their best interest in mind.
Because really what else can be done.
Never ever have I read in the scriptures that great miracles have come to past because of the valiant effort of the righteous complaining.
No. It is always prayer. Always.
Great things can come from prayer.
Happy soul searching people!

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Caity said...

I like that a lot Kari and I think you're right on.