October 25, 2010

Update Week! - Laundry

This just in. The Laundry detergent works wonderful!
I'm not going back.
I am still in awe that It took me so long to hear about this.
Now I will warn you.
I just don't throw all the crazy stained kid clothes right in the washer okay.
I still use my shout.
I don't think this stuff is going to be taking out any major stains.
However, neither did my "Gain". So there. No gain no loss.
Wait. There was a gain. Saving money. WOOP!

Oh and if you want it to smell in a particular way you have two options:
1- Change the type of bar soap you use. I use dove because it doesn't have an overwhelming smell. I personally like my clothes to just smell clean. Not like fresh flowers.
2- Add essential oils.

One of my friends wondered if it works with High Efficiency Washers. Supposedly if you have one of these types of washers you have to use a special type of soap.
Homemade is perfect because it make minimal suds.
Which makes it perfect for a High Efficiency Washer.
So there you go. Everyone wins today.
Go here for the recipe

Happy Washing!

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