October 12, 2010

Water Storage

I have had emergency preparedness on my mind alot lately.
Not that I think that there is some disaster on the way.
It's just smart to be prepared right??

I think what spurred my thought process was that fact that I "accidently" bought a 3 gallon jug.
I know "accidently" sounds ridiculous right.
More like bought it for something and then found out I didn't really need it! Lovely!
But then I started to wonder about water and storage. I had no clue how much my family should have, or how to store it, or how long it stayed good.

So here are the facts

-one gallon of water per day per person (this is so that each person has ample amount of drinking water, doing dishes, food prep, and hygiene needs.)

-A ten day supply is smart and 30 day supply is smartest. (If you have the space why not eh?)

-Don't store it for longer than a year. Have a fun day where you only use water from your storage. Unless you have teenagers. Let them still take a shower :) It will help you rotate your water and also see how far the water actually goes!

I really can't claim I did alot of searching for this info. Just go here. There is some great information if you are super serious about stocking up.

Happy storing!

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Camille said...

I want to see a follow-up post on your laundry soap. You made it, but how does it clean? Same, better? And how does it smell? I wonder what you could add to make it smell good . . .