December 9, 2010

Struggling with Ideas

There are so many things that I want to write on this blog.
But I guess I don't want to be negative all the time when it comes to our government.
Plus I don't remember much from history and I have only just started paying attention since the last presidential election. But I must say.
For the most part it seems that most people who are wealthy work really hard for it.
Some people who work really hard for their money barely get by.
Some might say that because of the previous two statements it is important to redistribute the wealth.
Everyone is working hard right???
Doesn't everyone deserve to have a comfortable life?
I think in a perfect world that would be really great. And I am sure that if the world was perfect the millionaire wouldn't mind sharing his wealth because they would know that it is going to a great cause.
But our world isn't perfect.
I have heard a couple of interviews with people and why they like Obama so much. And their response might be : "Because he gives us stuff".
And there in lies the problem.
Many. (Not all. In fact I think that the people I am talking about are in the minority)
Are receiving alot of "stuff" for not doing anything at all.
It is sucking the life out of our country.
I say this with a heavy heart because I myself have used medicaid for part of my pregnancies and my children have it. Plus I am on food stamps. I don't always use every cent for perfectly healthy food. Sometimes I buy ice cream and chips.
My hope is however that once my husband graduates from collage and can have a full time job, some if not most of those programs will go away and we will begin to pay back what we have taken.
I truly am thankful for the programs that have been available to me while my husband is going through his schooling. Many of you know that it is not easy to do with kids. But I will say one thing. I have only used programs that have been necessary. I could have cut my hours in half with our first child and gotten the whole pregnancy paid for. But we didn't. It didn't seem right. Both my husband and I could have been on medicaid for the 9 months that he was unemployed. Instead we decided to pay his school insurance and I just planned to stay healthy :) which luckily I was. And I opted out of WIC. We got a ridiculous amount of food stamp money that more than coved my daughter's formula and cereal and juice.
I'm not putting myself on a pedestal. And I am not condemning people who have used more of the system than they probably should have. I am condemning the government for making it easy for people to work less and get more.
All I am saying is that our society is not perfect. And re-distribution of wealth is not fair in this case. I want to keep the dream that someday I can be wealthy and help others in a way that I want to because it is my money rather than have the government decide that America is entitled to it because the system itself is set up to make it possible for me to make a bunch of money. Well. That's true. And silly at the same time.
So guess another point is. If you don't need it, don't use it. If you didn't work for it, repent, work for it the next go around, and then take it. If you a lucky to be wealthy, find ways to help other's who are truly in need. And to our government : Please just take a step back and leave us alone.

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