January 7, 2011


Wow. I have been gone a long time.
Let's just say the recovery from Christmas time has been long.
And hard.
Do any of you have a hard time getting things done when your husband is home alot?
I love having him around. But I think away time is good for my house as well.
Who wants to clean when you can play and have fun!

Anyway. For Christmas I got this:

Now I know most have you have probably read this series.
I am always behind because I will be the first to state that reading hasn't been my strongest extracurricular activity.

But seriously I have been waiting for months on the library waiting list.
And now I own it.
But silly me. I lost it in my crazy Christmas craziness.
So I started this

And I just think it is a great book.
But I really like the Percy Jackson books and it is practically the same book just different Gods.

So I don't know why I did this post.
I'm just excited about these books I guess.

I have some more on hold at the library but they are mostly informative type books.
I need to reserve some more!!
Help me out!! What are your favorite books??

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Caity said...

I just read Pope Joan...it was good! You can go to goodreads.com for ideas on good books. I do that a lot. Love that site!