February 26, 2011

Sexy Modest Giveaway

So looking at these jeans I am thinking to myself:
It's silly to even dream of entering this contest.
These pants don't come with a stretchy waistband.
So it would probably be over a year before I could even wear them.
But I think it would be worth the wait. What do you think?

My husband lllllloves pants with carazy pockets.
And I hear these pants are super comfy. So it's a two fer.
I have never been to the Sexy modest store.
But looking at the clothes they have in their shop on facebook
It's kind of nice to have someone working for us gals who
try really hard to be modest.
Go here to enter.
And while you are at it check out Sheena's blog too.
She's got some fun stuff to say!

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