March 5, 2011

Gamma Lid. Heaven Sent

For Christmas my big bro's family gave me du duna na!
Gamma lid!!!

Yeah. You see that beautiful red lid on my bucket!
Maybe you aren't excited because you just don't know how cool it is.
Let me explain:

This is the lid the bucket came with.

And this is the tool you have use to open it.

Unfortunately, I never purchased the tool you need to close the bucket.
(Rubber hammer.)
So this tool has been used one time .
To open the bucket.

I found it in my kids toy bins.
They have gotten more use out of it.

Once you get the silly thing on it is quite nice because you see the lid just screws right off.
There are my baking goods safe from anything that may want to get in there.

But no really. Purchase a rubber mallet in the process.
There is a reason that it took me clear until today to get my lid on.
It took me standing on top of it jumping and pushing and wobbling and balancing and. Yeah.
Get a mallet.

I can just imagine it now.
A red bucket for baking goods
A blue bucket for beans
A white bucket for rice
An orange bucket for pasta.

All lined up in an organized row.

Happy gamma lid organizing fun people!

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