May 21, 2011

Just one girls opinion

Never did I ever think that today would be the end of the world.
I do however have an opinion on the matter.
Which is this:

I've noticed on facebook today many comments related to this Rapture day.
Mostly negative. And making fun of-ish. Woops.
I will say I don't know much about it.
Other than today was supposed to be the end of the world
And obviously it's not.

Most people I know are Christians and have a great knowledge of the stories in the scriptures.
I wonder how many times people thought the prophets of old were crazy when they would make prophesies.

I'm thinking alot.
Some of you are saying:
Apples and oranges baby.
Don't compare the two.
But still. If you don't believe it then brush it off man! Just be strong in what you believe right?

Why do we care so much as to laugh at these people's expense.
I don't know who they are.
I don't know what they believe.
But who knows how they feel learning that they were wrong.

I know that if I found out today that my religion was a bunch of crap.
Well lets just say it would be pretty hard day.
And you might not want to stop by to say hello.

So regardless of wether some guys was trying to make a buck,
it was all a scam,
or wether someone truly believed that the world was going to end.
Let's just lay off of each other eh?
It ain't no thang.

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