June 23, 2011

Flowers in pots. Not in beds.

That's right. I learned something about myself. (Though I think deep down inside I always knew)
I don't like flowers.
I mean I do. But I don't like to be in charge of taking care of the beds in which they reside.
I think that whom ever lived in my current place of residence before me loved weeds.
They are everywhere!
My yard is a jungle!

Despite the fact i don't care much for digging in a garden, I think that having a jungle of a yard is by far worse. So the past week has been spent digging and ripping and cutting and what ever else I have had to do in order to get it looking decent.

Conclusion: Someday when I have my own house that is mine all of the flower beds are coming out. Grass is going in.
And the flowers. Well they can just stay in their respective pots.

Happy Gardening!

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