June 10, 2011

Oh great more opinion.

So I have been pretty opinionated lately.
Sorry about that.
But I really feel like some of your comments actually help me make up my mind how I feel so I totally appreciate those by the way.

Okay so here we go. A couple of times I have gotten sucked into an article that someone has posted on Facebook concerning "Moromons"
So I read it because it's interesting to know what people are talking about.
And somehow I get sucked into the crazy comments on the article.
Which I'm going to say right now is the biggest waist of time. Here's why.
There are basically 5 types of "commenters":

1-Mormon-Hater: Their opinion is that Mormons are all corrupt, world dominating, cultish, bigots, (I could go on you get it). Their comments reflect this type of feeling. Which they are entitled to.

2- Peace Love and Harmony People - Their philosophy is "why can't we all just get along" Mormons are good people. I'm not one but who cares!"
These are a bit more rare. But it is nice to see that there are people that understand that everyone is entitled to their opinion and we should just respect each other.

3- Testimony bearers - That's right. The title speaks for itself. More on that later.

4- False Doctrine Spewers - There was one person whom made a beautiful list of LDS "Beliefs" which included Mary having sex with God and the way you can tell if an angel is good or bad is by shaking their hand and by the color of their hair. Close. Sort of.


5- The Defender and Debater: They're the ones that fight back and well. Argue. They throw out facts and statistics and links to different websites. Usually you see them pop up over and over and over. Comment after comment.

It's the same. Every time. If you have read them once that's plenty. In fact I would say that most could do without reading them at all.

So my conclusion.

-I just waisted a good 30 minutes of my day. It's pretty much a waist of time to get caught up any sort of comment fights. (even if it is the Survivor discussion board. GUILTY!)

-If you want to bear testimony of anything (any religion or feeling that you might have) THIS MOST LIKELY IS NOT THE PLACE. Frankly most people reading it don't want to hear it. I'm not saying one should never bear testimony. It just may be smart to apply common sense in knowing when to do it.

-Fighting and debating any sort of religion, more often than not, will get a person nowhere but in Firedupsville and Angryaskheck town.

Happy Commenting Reading. Not.


Caity said...

Well, now I don't even know how to comment! BUT, I'd like to bear my testimony... :)

Kari Ann said...

hahah. Funny