June 6, 2011

Oh man. Just don't lie.

So I have been following the story with Rep Weiner and the twitter scandal.
Now if any of you have seen anything at all about it you just had to know that he was lying.
Any person with eyes and ears had to know that.
A simple statement of "my account has been hacked, no that picture is not of me, and yes I am going to file a report" Would have done.
But he couldn't because well... he sent them, it was a picture of him, and he had no intention of filing a report. Now that makes sense. (There are multiple sources for this story.
I just want to state for the record. I don't like this guy. Not only has he proven to be a disrespectful nincompoop (is that how you spell it?) but he is extremely liberal and therefor I really just don't agree most things that he says.
So once again I am faced with the need to laugh and scorn. (But I am going to try really hard to resist. Especially the wiener jokes. I feel so bad for him simply because he really has the worst last name on the planet) It is pretty despicable that he acted in the manner that he did. And frankly it's not surprising that he tried to cover it up.
(It's pretty embarrassing and career ruining.)
Yes. He is in the spotlight and is a man of high importance. So people are going to be watching him. But man it must stink to be in a line of work where one miss click can possibly mess up your career. Everyone has done things that they aren't proud of I'm sure.
And that is where I end. Because let's just say if I open my mouth anymore on the subject I might just say something mean.
Like. Wow. What a dummy.
See! Better stop there :)

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