October 19, 2011

Books, a kick in the pants, and Ice

So I was reading my cousin's blog today and she was talking about how if you are going to be a mom. Be awesome at it. Study about parenting and child development.
Which is great advice. I mean some times I feel like am just flying by the seat of my pants making crap up.

And then I thought about what things have been most important to me while raising my kids.
You know if someone asked me my top 3 pointers for raising kids what they would be.
So I thought I would share and if anyone wants to add go for it.

1- Read, read, read.

Two reasons to follow this tip. It forces you to spend time with you little ones. They really do need attention. I don't know about your kids but if I ignore them for two long they start to act out. The minute I sense my girl is starting to get mischievous I stop what I am doing (if I can) and tell her to go and get a book. It completely turns her mood around.
The other reason is because books teach kids things that they just don't get from their environment. I mean I don't live on a farm. Soooo... yeah. How are they going to learn what a pig is. Books take you places that you can't go normally.

2- Principles of Reinforcement, Extinction, and Punishment.

Learn everything you can about these three things.
Most importantly Reinforcement because it is the only thing that increases behavior. I promise.
Remember that it is okay to pretend you didn't see something (extinction)

And a little hint about punishment. There are natural consequences to choices but that doesn't necessarily mean you are punishing your kids. Punishment does not increase a behavior and for the most part it doesn't work very well. :) It can however make your kid extremely scared of you and by some miracle it might help them make the right choice. But more likely not!
Go for the reinforcement.:)

3 - Here's an Easy one: I love you.

Just say it. Everyday. Find ways to tell your kid that they are the coolest thing since ice.

So that's it. Obviously there are lots of other things that a parent should do.
But I feel like this list has been good to me and my kids so far.
Happy Parenting!

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