October 18, 2011

Things kids decide to say

I can almost guaranty that most of you have heard some sort of a version of the story I am about to tell you.

Back story:
There is not much diversity where I live.
I have a son who is young enough that he is still brutally honest.

Here we go :

My whole morning was dedicated to cleaning my house because we rent and I guess that it was time for a check up from the rental agency.
Our manager came in and started walking around the house checking things out.
I was in the kitchen with my kids working on lunch.
I talked to the manager for a couple of minutes and then he needed to check a couple more things. Within seconds of him walking out of the kitchen this pops out of my boy's mouth:

"Mom he is really black!"
GAHHHHHHH!! And then out pops this from my mouth:

"I'm so sorry! He hasn't really seen a black person!"

How embarrassing!!!! I wanted to die. Not just from his comment but from mine as well.
I really should have kept my cool and not freaked out.
Lucky for me the manager just laughed and said he thought it was great. No worries.

Let's just say that after lunch we had a little talk about how everyone is different.

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