December 7, 2011

No santa?!

Okay I love fox news. Not going to lie. I check fox news at least 3 times a day to catch and news.
The other day I woke up and hopped on the computer to find this article

So just in case you don't feel like going to the link I'll give you the reader digest version.
A second grade teacher told her students that Santa isn't real.
That it's their parents that give them presents every year!
What the heck!!!
Sick and horrible.

So then today my son was asking alot of questions about Santa and I of course was throwing out lie after lie.....
I wondered for just one moment if it was wrong.
Yeah. Christmas is fun. And it's okay for kids to think that Santa is real.
I loved the line from the article "that lady should be roasted on an open fire."
Perfectly said and Dito!

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Lacey Ellsworth said...

I've thought on this one too, but when I think back to my own childhood, would I have wanted no Santa in it? Absolutely not---so I'm going to lie to my kids too. :)