December 30, 2011

Finger Nail Polish Remover

I have debated wether I should share this secret or not....some of you may find reason to think that I am crazy. I don't blame you. I am a cold sore sufferer. I will try almost anything to get my mouth back to normal. They hurt like heck and they look horrible!

So I got one in college and called my mom to see if she had any advice on getting rid of it."Put nail polish on it" she said. I knew she was crazy at this point. But I was willing to do anything to get my lips looking pretty again.

So I did it. I put clear fingernail polish on my lip and let it dry. It didn't work. Who's surprised? So I called my mom up and said "Hey. I thought you were crazy and I was right. I put that nail polish on my lip and it didn't work. And it was weird and gross."

She started laughing at me. "Kari." she said. "Fingernail polish REMOVER!!! You need to listen more carefully!"

And that my friends is a classic Kari moment. Not listening very carefully and then filling in the blanks with my own assumptions is my forte'!

Right when I start to feel that nasty little tingle on my lip I get a Q-tip with fingernail polish REMOVER and hold it on my lip for about a minute a couple times a day. And I do not use any form of lip moisturizer. It stinks for like a day and a half and then it's over. They don't even bubble up anymore.

So long story short. If you are super desperate and willing to risk poisoning yourself. Go right ahead! Feel the burn!!!

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