May 1, 2012

Diaper Bombs. Who knew.

So just a random note I never knew.  I was reading a blog the other day and randomly decided to read some of the comments.  One lady commented on how much waist was being produced and that no one really gives a hoot anymore.  One specific thing she noted was the fact that when a baby has a bowl movement in their diaper they are usually just wrapped up and thrown away like a little baby bomb.  This sounded weird to me.  She continued to say that most diaper packages tell you to flush the poop away in the toilet rather than putting it in the trash.  I had never heard that one so I checked my diaper box and sure enough.  There it was.  Nuts.  How many of you knew this?  I didn't have a clue!  I guess that there is alot of disease in feces.  DUH.  And it can get into the ground water.  Which totally makes sense.  Who knows how many of those little diaper bombs I have been throwing out there.  I guess it's time to start flushing the poop!

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