June 30, 2012

This is What I Did - Ann Dee Ellis

Imagine if you had witnessed something horrific. 
Imagine if it had happened to your friend. 
And imagine if you hadn't done anything to help. 

That's what it's like to be Logan, an utterly frank, slightly awkward, and extremely loveable outcast enmeshed in a mysterious psychological drama. This story allows readers to piece together the sequence of events that has changed his life and changed his perspective on what it means to be a good friend and what it means to be a good person.

So just a little backstory on this book.  I have a pretty distinct way of choosing the books I read. Step one : log into Goodreads.  Step two: look at my friends books and choose something I think looks good.  Step three:  Make sure it gets at least four stars.

And that I don't think is terribly unusual.  If you don't have much time to read why would you ever pick something up that has even less than 3 stars?

I really wanted to get out of my little box that I was living in so I picked this one up. I have to say it is pretty lame that it took me so long to decide to read it because it is by a local author that I happen to know.  Sheesh!  So on a impromptu library visit in which I was all-by-my-self (woo!  That never happens) I decided to go hunting for books old fashioned style!  I walked up and down the isle of the young adult fiction books when "BING"  the thought occurred to me.  "Go the E section quick!"  So I found "This is What I Did".  Now you have to understand that I was also on the last book of "The Maze Runner" series and I was really excited to read that one as well.  But I couldn't help it.  I put that Maze Runner book aside and dove into This is what I did.  And I didn't stop reading until the end. (Don't worry.  It's a quick read.  Just a bit more that 150 pages).  But it was so different from what I had been reading.  It was about real life situations and it was written in such a strange way that I have never seen before.  (I haven't read many books so that is not saying much.)  

There is alot of bouncing between past and present and one experience to another.  Is it possible to say that it is super choppy yet somehow it flows together really well?  Well that is how I would describe it.  I loved it.  

Favorite Character: Laurel.  This girl has many characteristics I long to have.  She seems to be completely okay with who she is.  Totally accepting of others, sporadic, and just the friend a mother hopes her child to have.

Sexual Content:  There is a bit.  But nothing to make me blush and I will tell you that it doesn't take much to make my face turn red!
Profanity: Less than a handful.  
Violence: There is a parent child abuse situation.  Also there is bullying. 

So it's a little on the heavy side.  Which I don't usually go for.  I have learned though that it's important to branch out and read something different occasionally.  So I give it

Plus half a thumb!

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Suzy said...

No way, I had no idea Ann Dee is an author! I'm going to have to check this out.