May 30, 2012

Book Review : Kane Chronicles - The Serpent's Shadow

So I'm not going to give the book's description because I haven't done reviews on the first two so I thought I would just sum my thoughts up on the series so far.

I love Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series.  Even more so I love his Lost Hero series.  I really enjoy Greek and Roman Mythology.  So I just had to read this series.  I will say that the Kane Chronicles have not been as fun because I don't enjoy Egyptian history quite as much as Greek and Roman Mythology.  In fact I realized that I knew hardly anything at all about the Egyptian Gods.

There are classic twists and turns.  Of course you never know how the heck they are going to overcome evil as usual.  Their tasks seem impossible as always.  These books are easy to get through and enjoyable because they are super clean.  It was really unclear to me wether this will be the last book in the Kane Chronicles.  You just have to read it to understand why.  I hope that he just stops this series for awhile, and works on the Lost Heros because I like it way more!

Favorite Character : Thoth the God of Wisdom (and some other things).  First of all his home is a basketball stadium.  That would be super fun.  When they first come across him in this book he is stuck in his home and demons are attacking him every six hours.  He can't leave.  It doesn't seem to phase him.  He is just doing his work  and fighting off the bad guys.  He is one smart cookie!

Drugs: no
Sexual Content: No
Profanity: no
Violence: Moderate but nothing graphic.

I give it

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