July 27, 2012

When a woman is way too bored.

Wednesday was brutally boring.  The dishes were done, the dinner was in the crocpot and the kids played outside all afternoon.

It is not good when a woman gets bored because that means that most liking something is going to antiqued.  I don't know how to antique so apparently I needed to find another outlet.  I decided I wanted my hair out of my eyes so I went in the bathroom to check things out.  I pulled off some crazy twisty thing and wanted to know what it looked like from the back.  That was when I saw it.  My hair was super crooked.  So I pulled out the scissors.

I have had long and short and medium hair and could care less what length it is just so long as I don't have to go to a hair dresser and it looks moderately good.  I think the only reason why it ever gets long is because I hate to get my hair cut.  More than that I hate to pay someone to cut my hair.  So I am left with 3 options:

1- Let it grow and ignore the ugly dead ends and put it in a pony tail all the time.
2- Let my friend Monica Cut it.  (she is not a professional but after receiving a few bad hair cuts in the beginning she can really pull off a good "do" nowadays.")
3- Cut it myself.

That's right people.  I didn't stutter.  I said "Cut it myself".

Today......  I was bored.  This is what happened.

Woops!  I think I got in a bit over my head.  So after a quick call to my husband to come home from work I headed out to have a professional take a go at it.  This is what I ended up with.

So I got some bangs too.  Which I think once my hair gets past that annoying "I just got a hair cut" phase I am really going to like it. Plus a ponytail is way cute with bangs.  And I pony alot!
I guess it does pay to be crazy every once and awhile!


aaron, brookie, addison and landon bedwell said...

kari kari. what am I going to do with u? cute hair cut. love the bangs. when is girls camp? u ready for it? we miss you guys. hope all is well.

Mel Eppich said...

girl- you are crazy! haha-one of the many reasons i love you! so good to see you guys. I should have given you back your maternity cloths! urg! I promise I'll get them back to you!