July 8, 2012

Writing Prompt - Toes

So Ann Dee Ellis does a writing prompt every couple of days on her website.  This has been super fun for me because I love to write in my journal but I get sick of doing updates on my kids and expressing my "feelings".  Normally when she does a writing prompt I have so much to say that I wouldn't even dare write it on my blog.  People would never come back because what is funny and interesting to me, 16 pages later may not be funny to you.  Today, however, it's all about toes.  I would like to think that over the years I have evolved as a person.  I used to be moderately a tom boy.  Putting on make-up to me meant slapping on some mascara and calling it good.  Once I bought not one pair's of Adidas skateboarding shoes that resembled these babies.

I couldn't just have them in white.  I had to have them in black as well. :)  Despite the fact that I have "girlied up" the past couple of years, I still refuse to wear high heels.  High heels are lame!  I have ankles sent from Satan.  I have rolled my ankle walking across a flat floor, shoeless. So I stick with flats for sure.  Besides.  I just feel like feet were not mean to walk all high up in the air and what not!

As for my toes.  I have to have them painted.  Not because I think it is sooooooo cute (I mean they do make my feet cute) but because I have a rare toenail picking disease.  Some people chew their fingernails.  I pick at my toes. But if I put in a good amount of time to make my toenails pretty then I am more likely to leave them alone.

Another silly thing about toes.  Have you ever plucked a toe hair?  OUCH!

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