April 2, 2013

Ug Puke Splat

I have had alot of thoughts lately.  Frustrating thoughts.  Figuring out how I feel thoughts.  Like every day I want to get on facebook and just like yell.  Let's take it back a couple of years

The LDS church is seriously going at it in California with poposition 8.  I am still at the point in my life where I don't know anyone gay or lesbian.  And I haven't even thought about same-sex marraige.
I figure it's probably not a great idea.  And then move on.

 A while later my uncle dies and my parents go out to the funeral in Nebraska.  His partner is asked by my aunt or mom (my mom doesn't remember how it came up) how he feels about same-sex marraige.  He states that it is wrong.  That marriage is between a man and a woman.  The bible clearly states that.  So now I'm thinking.  Okay.  If my gay uncle thinks it is wrong then well okay.  I think it is wrong too.

An even longer while later.  I really start to figure out where I stand politically on alot of issues and come to find that I identify much more with liberitarians than anyone else.  I just want the governement out of my life and people should be able to make their own choices and have to live with their own concequences.  If someone wants to be in a same-sex relationship they should be able to have all the rights of any other person.

And not long after that everyday I get on facebook there is an article or a status about gay marriage why it's bad, mostly why it's good.  And mostly people getting ticked off at anyone who thinks that the traditional definition of marrage should be upheld.  And then begins the conflict within myself.

So as far as I can tell this is why people want marraige to be extended to gays and lesbians.

1.  So that they can claim their taxes just like any other married couple.
2.  So that they have rights to each other's medical situations.
3.  So that their families can have whatever they build together.
4.  This one I am not so sure about.  Maybe I am wrong.  They want to have an outward expression of their love towards one another.
5.  And other legal things that I am not aware of because.  Well.  I'm not well versed in the law.  Or insurance.  Or medical stuff.

So here is why I can tell people don't want same sex marriage

1.  They want to keep the family unit strong.  Raising kids with a mom and a dad makes the most sense and people feel that the break-down of the family is one of the major causes of our societies problems.
2.  People are nervous about change.
3.  People are mean and homophobic.
4. People feel like marraige is a sacered thing.  And it's an abomination for to people who are the same sex to well.  Have sex. So it is basically taking what many deam sacred and stomping all over it.

So there you go.  That is what I have figured out. Mabey I missed something.  I don't mind if anyone sets me strait, but this is what I have concluded.

-I have never thought that acting on same sex impulses is okay.  It is a sin. 
-I love people who smoke and drink and have sex outside of marrage all of which I deam to be sins.  I love people who are gay. 
- I don't think that homosexuals can just change the way they feel.   They are honestly attracted to those of their same gender and it is extreemly hard to over come even if they want to.
-The family unit is important to me.  I am one of those people who feel (know) that most of our societies problems come from the breakdown of the family.  Too many babies are being born to unwedded parents and living in single homes.  They aren't being taught their ABC's and they aren't being taught any morals.  Then they become adults and start the process all over again.  A kid has the best chance in life when they have a mom and a dad.  You learn how to navigate life best when you have those two elements. There are things my dad taught me that my mom never could. I am not saying that a person can be successful if they come from a single parent home.  I am just say thing that it is easier.  And life is hard enough. 
-Marraige is sacred to me.  It is sacred to God. 

So basically I feel like everyone is just pitted against each other.  And I have to ask is there no way that we can all be satisfied?  Is there no way that gay people can get what they want and traditional religious people can get what they want?  Someone very smart told me once that often times people get so focused on fixing a problem that they can't see an easy solution that is sitting right in front of their faces.  There is a solution sitting in front of our faces but both sides need to be willing to talk about what they want without calling one side "perverted sinners" and the other side "bigots".   


Nancy Rae said...


It's like you have put words to all my feelings. EXACTLY!

Dustin Merrill said...

Very well said!