October 17, 2011

Crazy Distractions Take 2!

There are two distractions that are always lurking in the back of my mind:
I already rambled about how scary TV is getting.
Part 2! The internet.

So our computer is acting suuuuuuper weird.
When we shut it down. I will not come up.
It just sits there with a little apple sign and a wait signal.
It is a miracle that I am even typing right now!!!

Last night was just ridiculous.
I couldn't believe how many times I needed the internet and couldn't use it:

1-Playing my video game : And I couldn't look up helps! I had to figure it out all by myself!
(booooo hoooo!)

2- Phone number: No they don't just hand out ward directories to us common foke anymore.
You have to go online to see the directory.
(I know we are saving paper here people but what a horrible situation!)

3- IMDB - That's internet movie data base. I love the Lawrence brothers!
(WOOOH! Those are some hansom brothers.)
I watch Melissa and Joey on ABC family. I will admit it. And I was just curious where the other cute brothers were at an what they were doing. SUE ME!!
But I couldn't...... and I was left in wonder allllll night long.

I could bore you with all of the scenarios.
But I like you. So I won't.

The point.
I need some serious back-up devices.

1 : A dictionary. You know a real one that I can hold in my hands.
2 : A phone and address book. You know. The whole hold it in my hands thing again.
3 : Some seriously fun extra curricular activities that do not involve electricity.



Candice said...

You are hilarious - I love the Lawrence brothers too (there's no shame in that)! I just saw an episode of Boy Meets World and have seen the first season of Melissa & Joey. I saw two of the brothers a couple years ago in Philadelphia on the Fourth of July, and wish I would have snapped a picture but I was trying to act like it was every day I see cute actors meandering around :) Totally agree about the needing backup to our electronics!!

Kari Ann said...

HAHAH! don't you just wish they would put brotherly love on netflix. AHHHHH!!! I would die if I met joey!