October 15, 2011

Who else is Overwhelmed

When I was little I loved Home Improvement.
But it came on past my bed time. DANG!
Too bad I didn't have DVR back then! Sheesh!
Does anyone else remember the days when you actually had to sit through commercials while you watched your favorite show?
It was a great opportunity to get up, use the bathroom, or get a snack.
I still catch myself waiting to go to the bathroom until the next commercial.
And then I realize all I have to do is push pause.
How convenient.
Technology is awesome!

Okay let's skip to the point.
I am completely overwhelmed with choices of things to watch.
Between my DVR and Netflix it is just getting out of control!
If you could only see my queue! (And by the way how do you pronounce that word anyway!)
It grows more than it ever shrinks because I am always finding fun new things that I want to watch! But who has time for that???
Don't get me started on the programs I like to watch during the week!
Every weeknight the "O'Riley Factor is on"
And then there is Survivor.
Don't forget about all the fun comedy shows!
I am being bombarded from every genre, old shows, and don't forget millions of movies to choose from!

Don't even start a discussion on how easy it is to get sucked into the internet!
Anyway. I WAS totally overwhelmed until I had a reality check:
Power Button. Off. Ah. Silence. Relax. Nice.

1 comment:

Candice said...

agreed! when we had a dvr it was crazy how much more tv we could watch in the same amount of time it used to take for one show - love that off switch too :) (it's pronounced "q")