January 27, 2012

Facebook Stalker

I think there are basically 5 types of people in this world

1. Those who think Facebook is stupid and refuse to get an account.
2. Those who love Facebook, comment about everything, and comment on anything.
3. Those who play games on Facebook that require you to wake up in the middle of the night to harvest, click fish every 15 minutes, or keep your pet fed and washed.
4. FACEBOOK STALKER: Warning: this person almost never comments so it appears that they are "Facebook Cool". But they check it at least 4-5 times a day to see what other people are saying about themselves. It's okay thought because they "Hardly ever comment or post things".
5. The casual Facebooker. "The cool kid".

Somehow I have gone from totally anti and ended up somewhere in between being a stalker and a cool kid. Maybe after I go through each phase or "person type" then I will become... I... shoot I haven't checked Pintrest today! GTG!!! LOL!!!

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